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Symantec endpoint network threat protection download updates

Let us first try to understand how this symantec endpoint protection product handles network threat protection. This symantec endpoint protection product has become famous as cost saving computer security product. In present days of virus, spyware, malware attacks, from different sources, you have to buy different computer security product licenses from different vendors. In this symantec endpoint protection product you will get all these features in one single agent.This symantec endpoint protection product combines five different security related technologies in it.

In case of net work threats, you will have different types of threats. It is true that firewall gives you some protection against the attacks from outside on your network. But only firewalls are of no use in current ever evolving network security threats. There has to be latest protection technologies and there has to be intrusion prevention capabilities to control network communications. In past the experts thought that providing firewalls to the network and individual computers should solve the network threat protection problem. This is not the case any more. It is found that the endpoints are the targets of attack first. These endpoints are attacked when they are outside the network perimeters. It is the laptops which are attacked first. This happens when they are outside the network perimeter. When this attacked single laptop is connected to the internal network, this threat spreads to other endpoints or computers, laptops and servers.

In symantec endpoint protection client, this problem is very well addressed. There is rule based firewall engine. You have predefined anti virus, anti spyware and personal firewall checks. There is full TCP or IP support. You can allow or block support of network protocols. The firewall rule will trigger on applications, services, host and time. Now let us try to understand how to get symantec endpoint network threat protection download updates. This symantec company has a support department which has addressed this issue extensively on different web pages. is one such web page. This webpage explains how to updates definitions for this symantec endpoint protection manager. You are using .jdb file for downloading. You have to download intelligent Uploader from the given website. They have given two different methods of updating here. is another webpage where you can get all the info regarding how to get update definitions for your symantec endpoint protection. You have to use intelligent updater to do so. This intelligent updater is executable file. You can use this to update your virus updated definitions for your symantec endpoint protection client. is the website giving you info regarding downloading updates for your symantec endpoint protection manager. is another web page giving you updates about symantec security products.


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